We at Applebrook Inn Pet Resort believe that a tired dog is a happy dog, and pride ourselves on our unique social atmosphere. Daily exercises in spacious yards, are included with our nightly rate! After their initial temperament test, all dogs are placed into playgroups. Each playgroup consists of 1 to 15 dogs, and are matched by size and play style. Included in our nightly rate are 3 outings, where the dogs are in a play yard for 10-20 minutes. (depending on weather) That’s right, even if your dog is not cleared for a playgroup, they will still get this time outside to run around!

A healthy dog is also a happy dog. We ask that you bring your pets regular diet with you pre-bagged for each meal. This ensures your pet will be eating what they are used to, and do not need to adjust to a new food for their short stay.

Lastly, a comfortable dog is a happy dog. We provide each dog with a 4’x5’ fleece blanket to sleep on. We do welcome belongings from home. When choosing what to bring with your pet, please remember that your pet will be playing and bedding may need to be washed, and toys are often taken out to yards to play. We do our very best to ensure that everything brought with your pet goes home with your pet, but dogs will be dogs, and we make no guarantees that all belongings will be returned in the condition they are left. Please clearly label ALL belongings with your pets’ name, and keep bedding size to a maximum thickness of 1 inch. (so it will fit in our washer if needed)

Our Nightly Rates:

Single Occupancy        $34                 $36
Double Occupancy      $60                 $64
For multiple pets needing to be housed separately, each pet will receive $2 off our daily rate.

Additional Fees:

Sunday Pick up Fee  $24

Afternoon Pick up Fee (Mon-Sat) $18 – Waived if you sign up for an extra exercise or a bath on the day of your departure.

*A onetime $6 boarding insurance fee will apply to all bookings. For detailed information please read our Boarding policies on our downloads page.

**Medications are gladly given and will be charged $1 for each administration, no matter how many pills. E.g. If your pet needs 3 different medications twice a day, you will be charged an extra $2 per day.


Holiday Information


The office will be closed for arrivals and departures on the following major holidays:
New years Day
Easter Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

The office will be open until 1pm on the following days:
New Years Eve
Christmas Eve

Holiday Information

Boarding Add On's

For those Dogs who need a little extra, we offer a variety of options. All prices are per dog, per day, and Applebrook Inn reserves the right to switch your dog to another form of play, if they prove unsuitable for the extra play. For the extra active, social dogs that just can’t get enough:

Extra Play while Boarding:
2 hour session: $10

For any dog who wants a little extra lovin’:
Individual Time:                                                                                                                                                          $6 for 15 minutes of special 1-on-1 attention from a caregiver

For any dog, but especially our elderly friends and puppies:
Extra Potty Breaks
1 per day: $3
2 per day: $5
*Due to time constraints, please limit extras to 2 per day.

Boarding Add On's

Boarding Requirements

All dogs being brought onto the property must have current vaccination records from the veterinarian. Pa State Law requires us to keep a copy of your Rabies Certificate on file. We also require proof of distemper and bordatella.

We also require a negative fecal sample from your vet within the last 12 months to ensure there are no intestinal parasites, since dogs share yard space.

Pennsylvania requires that all dogs are licensed in the county they live in. These can be picked up at your local SPCA, applications are available on the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Website, or you can apply online at We can also apply for one for you, while your pet is boarding, for an additional fee.

All cats being brought onto the property must have current vaccination records from their veterinarians showing that they have received their Rabies vaccination. We recommend distemper, and feline leukemia vaccinations also.

Boarding Requirements


Cats need just as much care as our canine friends and at Applebrook Inn your kitties will get just as much attention as the puppies. All cats are housed in a 3 ft wide, 6 ft long, and 6 ft tall enclosure with multiple ledges to jump/sleep on, a scratching post, a litter box, and a fleece blanket. Included in our daily rates, each cat receives 10 minutes of individual time with a caregiver. Daily rates are as follows:

Single Occupancy: $20

Double Occupancy: $30

For multiple pets needing to be housed separately, the 2nd pet will receive $2 off our daily rate.              *Extra Individual Time: $6 for 15 minutes of 1-on-1 time with a caregiver.                                                                Cats can be finicky when away from home, so please bring their regular diet with them for their stay.